SEO Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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Hard work is the only shortcut for success. But, working hard in the right direction is most important. The internet is swamped with the content and it is like running in a maze with no exit to make the contents appear in top search results. For long term benefits, the optimal search engine optimizations should be done in a practical manner so that the ranking of the page and the value of the page should make the page appear in search results which will be then easily accessible by the users. This article describes some basic concepts and tips for starting their successful hunt in the SEO success marathon.

SEO Tips and Tricks for Beginners
SEO Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Before Starting Optimization

Once the keywords are decided, before starting to load the ton of contents around the keyword, be yourself committed to the structured approach for optimizing the site. Choose one primary keyword. If the website is about lightweight stroller with many accessories and features, your primary keyword will be “lightweight stroller” alone.

Placement of Primary Keyword in the Website

Once the keyword is identified, place the keywords in all important sections of a webpage. Important sections to be covered are site title, name of the website, keywords, tags, page titles and then page contents. Depending on the service you are using, explore additional options available for optimal placement of keywords. For example: WordPress has many plug-in to optimize the website for a better SEO.

Internal Linking of Pages

The pages of a website can be interlinked optimally to improve the page value. The user will then be able to get all dimensions of information he was looking for under one roof. Though there will be menu to navigate to different pages, in real time, the advantage of interlinked pages attract more page hits than the one without. Besides, the added advantage of improved Google Robot Scan results.

Make Your Page Load Faster

When the user requested for the critical information, the site has to give it in a flash. If the site starts to load slowly, with multiple images suffering to load completely, the user may soon lose the interest. Angulajs and similar tools can be utilized to present the images after the main contents are presented. Also, the images can be cropped down and the resolution can be stripped down. This matters a lot for a user browsing on mobile devices.

Keep the Site Fresh

Always keep updating the site with new and relevant contents only. Keeping the site updated improves the page ranking drastically. The user too will feel the authenticity of the site. If it is summer, talk about summer strollers and benefits of lightweight strollers in the summer. The relevancy can be a huge advantage and the index service of the search engines like them the most.

Get Your Site Linked in Other ‘Relevant’ Pages

This is the make it or break it tip. If you are able to get your site links make their place in other relevant websites, the site ranking will surely improve a lot. This is the vote; the host site has given to your site. This works when you write for other websites as a guest. Prepare some niche guest articles.

Finally, it takes time. Be patient. The age of the page is also little relevance for the search engines. Do not spam your website address or product link page in Social Media. SMO, Social Media optimization is another big chance to succeed in the internet and will be covered in upcoming articles.

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