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Google Cardboard A Low Cost Virtual Reality Platform

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The Google cardboard was developed in Paris during the GCI (Google cultural institute) and was exhibited a year ago. The cardboard name suggests what it is made up of. The application can be easily developed by anyone with easily available parts. Presently, Google cardboard is also available in the app store for iPhone 6 and iPhone -6plus handsets.

The cardboard can be built by anyone easily. The total cost of fully assembled cardboard is less than $5. Depending on the material used and the several other things, the ready-made cardboard price varies from $5 to $30.

Google CardBoard
Google Cardboard


The Google cardboard can be built by using low cost components. The list of items required, the assembly instructions and schematics are available from Google for free of cost. Anybody can build this fascinating Google cardboard headset and dive deep into the virtual reality platform.

The list of hardware parts required is a cardboard, (pizza box, Amazon shipping box, etc) 45 mm focal length lenses, magnets or capacitive tape, a support such as rubber band and a hook.

Following the instruction, the Smartphone with cardboard compatible software can be placed inside the cardboard easily. The new version of cardboard can accommodate Smartphone with screen size up to 6 inches (Ex.: Nokia Lumia 1320 can now be accommodated).


A software geek can freely develop the virtual reality application using two development kits provided by Google. Since May 2015 virtually reality app is also supported on iOS devices which are very welcoming to iOS users.

The third party software is available for virtual reality cardboard in Google play for android devices and app store for iOS.


Once the Smartphone is plugged in with the cardboard app running; the screen will be basically split into half. So, the two eyes can be looking at two different things. The interaction of the users with the virtual world created by the cardboard is amazing. Depending on the app, you can impressively explore a museum just like you watch when you are live there, or play a game.

The breath taking 3D viewing experience with wide field of view gives the user amazing feel of a real 3D world such a low cost.

The possibilities of this app are magnanimous because of the open source development kit backed by very low cost hardware.

The technology can be best utilized in schools and colleges where a history lecturer can take all students inside a cave (virtually) and describe the artwork easily.

The hardware is ready and third party apps are yet to come up with such concepts making this low cost innovative technology a boon to 3D experience, not only for fun but for quality education.

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