20 Nice photoshop actions For instagram

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Instagram is probably the best photo sharing social media out there with over. As of December 2014, the mainly mobile photo sharing network had reach 300 million monthly active users. It is widely used on mobile. Even celebrities are on Instagram. The celebrity with the most selfies is Kylie Jenner with 451.

But if you could Instagram effects with the Photoshop in your PC. You simply have to follow standard Photoshop actions.

These effects are also available on as Photoshop actions on various websites. We have lined up 20 nice Photoshop actions for Instagram like effects.

1. Instagram Nashville Effect Action

Instagram Nashville Effect Action

2. Instagram Walden Photoshop Action

Instagram Walden Photoshop Action

3. Instagram Photoshop Action

Instagram Photoshop Action

4. INSTA Vintage Photoshop Actions (ATN)#2

INSTA Vintage Photoshop Actions (ATN)

5. INSTA Vintage Photoshop Actions V.1

INSTA Vintage Photoshop Actions V.1

6. Daisy Photoshop Actions

Daisy Photoshop Actions

7. Instagram Poprocket – Photoshop Action

Instagram Poprocket – Photoshop Action

8. Sweet Dreams Photoshop Actions

Sweet Dreams Photoshop Actions

9. Dark Plight Photoshop Actions

Dark Plight Photoshop Actions

10. Instagram Lightroom Presets Samples

Instagram Lightroom Presets Samples

11. Joyful Photoshop Actions

Joyful Photoshop Actions

12. Light Leak Photoshop Actions

Light Leak Photoshop Actions

13. Cold Breeze Photoshop Action

Cold Breeze Photoshop Action

14. Retro Leak Photoshop Action

Retro Leak Photoshop Action

15. Photoshop Action: Instagram Style Effect FREE

Photoshop Action Instagram Style Effect FREE

16. Instagram Photoshop Effect Pack

Instagram Photoshop Effect Pack

17. Various Dreams Photoshop Actions

Various Dreams Photoshop Actions

18. Instagram Styled Actions for Adobe Photoshop

Instagram Styled Actions for Adobe Photoshop

19. Lomo Photoshop Actions

Lomo Photoshop Actions

20. Deep Hopes Photoshop Actions

Deep Hopes Photoshop Actions

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