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20 Cool Insurance Companies Logos Design

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Insurance companies have sprawled up and covered the expanse on Earth in not more than 2 centuries. Well, that’s not our concern. The concern is that with so many companies in and around the world, we as a designer are unable to come up with a new logo every single time.

But…that’s what designers’ block is all about? Isn’t it?

It’s time for you to get inspire and nail it with the new inspiration. We present you 20 cool insurance companies logos to get you beyond that designers’ block.

1. Van Dyke

van dyke

2. Michael Warren Agency

michael warren

3. Ghazal Insurance


4. Standard Beneficial

standard beneficial

5. Brunette Insurance

brunette insurance

6. eprooft


7. Assicurazioni Per Te

Assicurazioni Per Te

8. Hill. Dental Insurance

Hill Dental Insurance

9. MIRA Insurance

mira insurance

10. Protection


11. Covered Insurance

covered insurance

12. Clear Vision Insurance Services

clear vision

13. Shop Once Insurance

shop once insurance

14. Wilkes Insurance

wikles insurance

15. MJM Insurance

mjm insurance

16. Etalon Insurance

Etalon Insurance

17. Enamel Insurance Agency

Enamel Insurance Agency

18. Encinitas Insurance Agency


19. Gatehouse Insurance


20. Peace Hills Insurance



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