20 Free & Premium Keynote Templates

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Creating a presentations is a day to day affair for many working people. You have meetings, proposal to present, analysis to be made, results to be displayed…and keynote presentations are probably the best way to do that.

But if you are busy, which you probably are, creating these presentations from scratch is a task you would not like to undertake. It takes time and effort. Secondly, without a good aesthetic sense, it might get messy!

That’s why we have come up with 20 free and premium keynote templates to help you kick off your next presentation task on your MacBook. Hope you find the right one for your purpose.


1. Ripe berries themes

ripe berries

2. Snowflakes


3. Keynote Black And Blue Abstract Template

Keynote Black And Blue Abstract Template

4. Spring Keynote Theme

Spring Keynote Theme

5. Orange Curve Keynote Template

Orange Curve Keynote Template

6. Burning Letters Keynote Theme

Burning Letters Keynote Theme

7. Christmas Bulbs Keynote Theme

Christmas Bulbs Keynote Theme

8. Bamboo Blue Presentation Template

Bamboo Blue Presentation Template

9. Broken Window Keynote Template

Broken Window Keynote Template

10. Stand Out Keynote Template

Stand Out Keynote Template


1. Goal | Keynote Presentation


2. Fuchsia


3. Book’s


4. LION – Keynote Template


5. Vero Keynote Version


6. UX Modera Presentation Template for Keynote

UX Modera Presentation Template

7. Armstrong Outer Space

Armstrong – Outer Space Keynote Template

8. Quantum Keynote

Quantum – Keynote

9. Orlan Keynote Business Presentation

Orlan Keynote Business Presentation

10. Kupat


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