How to Improve the Landing page for Successful Conversion Rate

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Adwords is beneficial to bring the customers to your site. How long you retain the new potential customer at your site is partly dependent on how you welcome them. The landing page is very crucial for websites which are looking for a customer rather than a visitor. Always have a landing page for your product marketing campaign before having your own attractive landing page.

Importance of Landing Pages and its Importance
Importance of Landing Pages and its Importance


Once the visitor clicks on the CTA (Call To Action) button, the responsibility lies with the web page developer to offer a nice landing page. The landing page can be any page which is the link pointed by the CTA button/link. The landing page need not have many links and navigation tree or buttons. It can be one simple floating page on the web. The landing page contents basically depend on the purpose of the page. It can be just used to bias the customer a little or to generate leads (interested students, enthusiastic participants etc.)

Difference Between Landing Page and Home Page

The landing pages differ hugely from the home page. The home page gives the view of the whole shop of yours. But, the landing page gives brief information only about the interested product (focused sale product). This improves the user experience and also this is a superior way to convert the visitor into a successful customer. Landing page contains only a single or a couple of links, making it the best hit rate page possible for one of your shelves of the store. It simply increases the attention rate of the user to 99%.

Top Tips to Have Better Landing Page

Important aspect of landing page is that the contents displayed in the ad (CTA) should clearly match with the contents of the landing page else the user will immediately feel that they have been either spammed or think that the link is broken. Keep the design and the artwork same in both the CTA button and the landing page.

The landing page must contain dynamic shapes to limit the points of interest in the landing page. Always manage to create a better contrasted page in order to get the attention of the user to the call to action button at the earliest. This can be done by making the color of the button stand out from the background.

The arrow design works well with the landing pages. It simply creates a lamp light for the customer to proceed with the lead generation action or CTA button on the landing page. Another major hint to improve the CTA button is to clear the space around the major button on the page or the lead generation. Also, if you have people photo in the image, make them look at the CTA button. This automatically gets the attention of the visitor to look at the CTA button.


By following the above tips for designing a landing page, one can attend the visitor better. Never ever leave the visitor n dark by directly dumping him into your home page. Take ample of time and put significant effort in optimizing the land page appearance for the visitor. This helps in retaining the customer along and helps build good rapport later on.




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