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10 Nice jQuery Speedometer

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jQuery plugins have made our lives easier. You have a lot of code snippets available and always at your disposal which you can use to get the job done. Imagine yourself writing such a huge amount of code. Yes! You would have done it…I don’t doubt that. But consider the time it would have taken?

In this blog post, we share with you 10 nice and amazing jQuery plugins which will help you create fancy and eye-catching speedometers. Using these plugins, you can easily create your code and get your speedometer task done.

Read the code, explore how it works, and choose the one which suits best to your interests and purposes.

1. jsGauges


2. SVG -based Gauges for JavaScript

SVG -based Gauges for JavaScript

3. Gauge Meter

guage meter

4. JavaScript Gauges in Metro Style

JavaScript Gauges in Metro Style

5. HTML5 (JavaScript) Gauges Library

HTML5 (JavaScript) Gauges Library

6. jQuery Speedometer

jQuery Speedometer

7. Speedometer jQuery Plugin


8. jQuery Speedometer

jQuery speedometer

9. Creating A Dynamic Speedometer

creating a dynamic speedometer

10. Speedometer and other features

speedometer and other features

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