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Review of Chromecast Audio from Google

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 The Chromecast has carved niche segment in the domain of multimedia. The device is small, durable, portable, easy to install, and use. The Chromecast device connects to your modern TV via HDMI port and enables the users to mirror the display of the device in their hand. The devices can be Android powered mobiles, iOS, iPhone, Mac, Windows or Chrome books. The device comes very handy to view the photos of a recent trip with family and friends on the big screen. Last week, Google released Chromecast Audio, which performs the same operation of bridging two devices. This time, it bridges the whole set of devices and speakers or AV receivers.

Chromecast Audio Review
Chromecast Audio Review

Chromecast comes with a 3.5 mm Audio output port which can be plugged into the speaker’s audio input panel. The connection between your devices and speakers is through Wi-Fi. You can easily get started with the Chromecast Audio device on one go. Similar to Chromecast, Chromecast audio device gets automatically detected by devices running Chromecast compatible apps. Then, just tapping the button on the phone or the laptop enables porting the audio from your device on to the big speakers.

There are many advantages using Chromecast Audio. Direct audio casting is the basic feature supported by Chromecast Audio. The wonderful bunch of apps on Android Play store supports Chromecast Audio. Hence, it is very easy to listen to a million songs over the internet without the hassle of pairing. The mobile or laptop need not be connected all the time to enable streaming audio from Wi-Fi. This is the best featured device which enables the user to listen to the audio from all over the world through the dedicated apps designed without the hassle of connecting and configuring in an annoying way.

The Chromecast Audio streaming device is a low cost device which anybody can buy. The concept is simple. Everybody has Wi-Fi in their homes. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on Bluetooth devices, it is a safer cheaper bet. The Chromecast Audio also supports following three interfaces: RCA, 3.5 mm standard audio jack and optical interface for audio.

The music services inclusive but not limited to Pandora, Google Play Music, Spotify, iHeartRadio, podcasts and many more. It enables and gives you access to about 30 million songs. You can always select multiple songs, play and pause, and add items to the queue without the hassle of pairing. The quality of the audio is excellent when streamed through dedicated apps. The audio quality will be solely depending on the hardware and never will be limited by the bandwidth of communication between device and internet.

This is a must buy product for those who were already looking for a device like this. Unless you already have a spare Bluetooth device, this device helps you to have an independent music system. At only $35, The Chromecast Audio easily converts the dumb old speakers into a smart and lively for sure.

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