Top 5 free Antiviruses for Mac 2015

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As it goes with Linux, world in the web was that Mac OS don’t need an antivirus as there are no viruses for Mac OS. To a bigger part even it was true. But, truth is that no Mac in this world full of viruses is safe. A software/antivirus is thus essential to protect your data and PC itself from the horrifying experiences the virus brings. Herr is a list of top 5 free Mac antivirus recommendations.

Top 5 free Antiviruses for Mac 2015
Top 5 free Antiviruses for Mac 2015

1. Avast free Mac security

Avast is a super hit antivirus across many platforms. For Mac, Avast has reached a spot where only other paid apps would reach in terms of ease of use, efficiency and protection it offers. The Avast free Mac security software has magnanimous 100% threat detection rate as reported from an independent bench mark organization.

The micro updates, available for free, enables the Mac user to stay protected with all the safety updates being downloaded as and when available from Avast server.

The Avast antivirus i.e. noticeably lightweight and doesn’t hog system resources. Avast benefits the user with its innovative multi platform sense network along with the big data analysis to accommodate most of the latest threats into its virus database.

2. Avira Free Antivirus for Mac

Avira free antivirus offers superior protection against threats. It has 100% detection rate for Mac and PC based threats and stands out as superior antivirus software.

The AVG antivirus features antivirus for Mac
Avira free antivirus for Mac not only protects Mac from PC based threats but also from OS x based malware. It is a good replacement choice for a paid antivirus for Mac. The detection rate of avira is same as Avast, 100%.

The easy scanning schedule option and frequency of scanning settings makes the UI more helpful in organizing the tasks. The software brings one browser add on for free which warns you about a suspicious site.

The avira free antivirus is a little resource hungry software.

3. AVG free antivirus for Mac

AVG antivirus provides triple threat protection for free. It defends the threats based on Mac, PC and even android. AVG automatic file scanning, drag and drop file scanning and micro automatic virus definition update.
The AVG consumes fewer resources compared to Avira buy higher than Avast.

4. Comodo antivirus for Mac

Comodo has performed reliably well and falls behind just a little when compared to above 3 antiviruses Software. The Comodo antivirus features drag and drop file scanning, easy scheduling and simple user interface. The adaptive security slider level can be set depending on the amount of protection required.

Comodo is serving large enterprises by securing their systems. It is a reliable option for Mac too. The resource usage is insignificant.

5. Sophos Antivirus for Mac

Sophos provides security against threats meant for both Macs and PCs. The test results show that the Sophos free antivirus can detect about 93% of threats. Though the detection rate is inferior to other antivirus listed, Sophos is still a viable option to opt for. It encashes many innovative security feature from its business class security software.
Sophos is the most resource resource hungry software out of the give above

Having an antivirus software on Mac is most essential now than ever. Download a free antivirus for Mac today and stay safe at no extra cost

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