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15 Cool jquery Plugin for Format Currency

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As a coder, if you ever came across creating an international module for a client, you must be aware of what we are talking about here. Dealing with currencies and how they will convert into other is a Herculean task. You don’t know what is wrong and how to debug even when you’re finished.

jQuery plugins have made life easier. They are also there to help you when you are entrusted with creating a currency format module. So, in this blog post, we share with you 15 cool jQuery plugins for formatting currency…without a hassle.

1. jQuery Format Currency Plugin

jQuery format currency

2. GlobalMoneyInput

Global Money Input

3. Ajax Currency Converter with Google API

ajax currency converter

4. Globalize


5. maskMoney


6. jQuery Price Format

price format

7. Currency Widget

currency widget

8. autoNumeric


9. Show multiple currencies

multiple currenc

10. Format Currency using jQuery plugin

jquery plugin


11. Numeral.js


12. Curry – Currency Conversion


13. jQuery dataTables Currency Sorting Plugin

datatable currency

14. jQuery Number Format

number format

15. jQuery Number to Currency


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