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20 Cool Hotel Brochure PSDs

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Did you were ever confided with the task of creating a brochure for a hotel, a motel, or a restaurant, or any other business in hospitality sector? If you have handled such a task, you must know it is different and more complex than creating any other kind of brochure.

Most of the owners are looking for creative and fancy brochures, the one which reflects the idea of their hotels. That’s why in this blog post, we bring you 20 cool brochures for hotels.

1. Brochure – Catalog Hotel

Brochure - Catalog Hotel

2. Hotel & Resort Double Parallel Brochure

Hotel & Resort Double Parallel Brochure

3. Hotel and Motel Brochure Template – 12 Pages


4. Elegance Hotel Brochure

elegance hotel brochure

5. Hotel Brochure Template

Hotel Brochure

6. InStyle Hotel Print Pack


7. Hotel Golden Tri-Fold Template

hotel golden tri-fold

8. Hotel Brochure

hotel brochure 1

9. Elegant Hotel Trifold Template 10

elegant hotel trifold

10. Hotel Promo 8 Pages Simple Brochure

hotel promo 8 pages

11. Hotel Karpaty Brochure on Wood

hotel karpaty

12. Yellow Hotel and Motel Brochure Template

hotel and motel brochure template

13. Hotel Avara Dubai Brochure Template

hotel avara

14. General Brochure for Hotels and Resorts

general brochure

15. Mina Aslam Hotel Brochure Template

mina aslam brochure

16. Brochure for Elton House Hotel

Brochure for Elton House Hotel

17. Resort and Hotel Brochure Template

Resort and Hotel Brochure Template

18. Hotel and Motel Tri-Fold Brochure Template

Hotel and Motel Tri-Fold Brochure Template

19. Hotel Business Brochure

Hotel Business Brochure

20. Barnham Broom Hotel Brochure

Barnham Broom Hotel Brochure

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