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20 Free Office Icons PNG / Vector

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Icons are used at a variety of places. And if you are an expert designer, you must have the gumption to use it at multitudes of of places.

Using and selecting icons can get difficult for designers. Creating icons is a whole new difficulty. That’s why we have come up with 20 FREE office icons PNG / Vector which you can surely use in your next graphic designing project.

It contains all the basic icons one may need in a graphic design. So, please read on and we hope you find the one of your need.

1. Cogwheel outline


2. Label thin outline

label thin

3. New email closed back envelope outline

New email closed back

4. Verification symbol outline

Verification symbol

5. Portfolio outline symbol

Portfolio outline symbol

6. Men group outline


7. Left arrow outline symbol free icon

Left arrow outline symbol free icon

8. Up arrow thin outline symbol free icon


9. Man in office desk with computer

Man in office desk with computer

10. Email closed envelope outline free icon

Email closed envelope

11. Menu of three horizontal parallel

Menu of three horizontal parallel

12. Graphic on whiteboard

Graphic on whiteboard free icon

13. Box tool for office organization

Box tool for office organization free

14. Business card outline

Business card

15. Clipboard outline free icon


16. Placeholder thin outline symbol

Placeholder thin outline symbol free

17. Delete cross outline interface symbol

Delete cross outline interface symbol

18. Edit interface symbol of pencil

Edit interface symbol of pencil outline

19. User symbol of thin outline free icon

User symbol of thin outline free icon

20. Like thumb up outlined symbol free icon

Like thumb up outlined symbol free icon

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