Creating an Adwords Campaign to Boost the Traffic

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Google is the giant in another domain other than the search engine. That is, advertising. There is no other enterprise whose business is so well performing and reliably compared to Google Adwords. The fact that the Google helps you to bring your site in the search results motivates you also to en-cash the opportunity.

Read on for step by step instruction to get started with Google Adwords and understanding a few basic requisites to host a successful campaign to attract visitors to your site and help both.

First Steps in Creating Adwords Campaign
First Steps in Creating Adwords Campaign

Creating a Free Adwords Account

You can use any email address of yours to log in to Adwords account. The start page link is here. Choose a secure password and you are done. You will get an email from Adwords to verify the entered mail. Click on the verification link to confirm your Adwords account. Now, Sign in to the Adwords account from here.

Decide the Region on the Map

If you are selling flowers, it makes no sense to advertise your shop in another state. So, choose the region carefully. Under Campaign settings and Audience options you get options to change the language in which the ads are displayed. Here, you can select the region or the cities where you would like to advertise your products (show your ads).

How to Carefully set Budget in Google Adwords

You now have the option to select the budget you are ready to spend to attract the visitors. The budget will melt sooner if the ad gets clicked sooner. The budget will remain intact if nobody clicks on your ad. Hence, you won’t lose money if there is no user entry to your page from Google ads. Hence this is cost effective too.

Setting the Bidding Options to Manage Click per ad Price

This is an important step to make sure you won’t lose more money nor miss great customers to enter your site. The best thing for the beginners is to select the automatic bidding options. It will ensure that, for the set bidding budget, the Google will try to get the best possible results to you. Start, experimenting. That’s the best way to learn more about the investments and returns.

How to Create Personal ads in Adwords

Creating good and compelling ads are very important. Write in clear and simple words, what the “a new customer” can expect from by entering your site. It is important to create meaningful keywords. The user still shouldn’t feel cheated after landing to the page. Use positive and motivating keywords to describe your service in the ads. You can create multiple versions of descriptions and take them all to the audience. Your audience will tell you (based on the feedback from Adwords) decide which text works better.

Selecting Keywords and Billing Type

The next step is to choose relevant keywords. Starting with about 15-20 keywords, based on the feedback, the keywords can be improved based on the performance. Use this tool from Google to create a better list of keywords.

As a final step to activate your Adwords account, select the type of payment (Credit card/Debit card etc.). If you have promotional codes from Google, you can use the same. Depending on the country you are in, billing preferences may see some changes.

That’s it folks, you are ready with your first Adwords campaign.

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