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The links for Amazon products bear, for example, the most difficult to read characters. It is impossible to remember the links. Except for a few keywords, ask the numbers and bunch of characters doesn’t make sense to the user to read it before he/ she clicks on the link.

Benefits of URL shorteners
Benefits of URL shorteners

Short URL s helps you in generating better presentable links to the reader. For example, a fully complicated, 3 line Amazon web address can be converted into simple, easy to remember web address such as This short URL will later redirect the user to the actual site. This way it will be easy to remember the web address. If it is easy to recall, sharing will be easier.

1. Personalize the URL

Getting the short and easily readable name allows the author to select the best words in defining the new URL. This is the author’s second chance to create proper web address which he can post and share elsewhere.

2. Statistics

The same old Amazon product URL can be converted into multiple tiny URL s. These URLs can now be promoted in different regions. This helps in generating location based statistics of reader behavior, successful call to action buttons etc. Hence short URL s helps in location based web performance statistics.

3. Convert many URLs into a single attractive URL

If the user has many links where his work is posted, it will be a cumbersome job to carry all tens out hundreds of lengthy articles together. He can create one post in any blog or website; list all his articles or jobs section wise, which is very reader friendly. Then, create one single short URL such as and share it everywhere.

4. QR code

QR Code is de facto standard element in any publicity posters. Size of the QR code dots depend on the number of characters in the web address it has to link to. Hence, a tiny URL obviously makes the QR code easier to scan from a distance and can be supported by low resolution phones to

5. Twitter!

If you have to tweet short messages in twitter, short URL is the only solution. Any social media where the number of characters is limited, May prohibit you from entering a lengthy web address. Short URL s allows you to share multiple URLs in one post!

6. Reduces amount of typing and printing

The obvious benefit for the person trying to access the site is that, now they can access the site faster as they can type in the address faster. Even printing the link takes lesser space giving itself a chance to get bolder and bigger, easily readable on posters.

7. URL shortening services from bitly. from Google. from hoot suite , from twitter, tiny URL from gilby and from gravity 4 are the most famous and secure URL shortening services available

8. URL with validity

If a URL needs to be generated for an article whose validity is only for a day, then while creating the short URL, option such as time limited URL can be used. Microsoft security brief recommends using the time limited service provided by URL shorteners for security purposes.

9. URL shortening features

URL can be made available until 10 minutes or up to 24 hours from the moment the URL is generated. URL can be set to expire after a specific date. The lifetime of the URL can also be set based on number of accesses. An optional period can be set so that only those who have the password cab address the contents.

The short URL s should only be used for the comfort of sharing and beautifying the link. Though there is a significant risk of spamming associated with the short URL its advantages easily outweigh the disadvantages. Also, remember that some sites prohibit the use of URL shortened web links.

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