Top 5 Paid antivirus for Mac 2015

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The article reviews the top 5 antiviruses which comes for a fee for Mac computers. The performance, resource utilization and the cost are compared. 

Top 5 Paid antivirus for Mac 2015
Top 5 Paid antivirus for Mac 2015

1. Kaspersky internet security for Mac

Kaspersky internet security for Mac is from Kaspersky labs, a leading security research private firm. The detection rate is 100% making it one of the best paid antiviruses for Mac.
Kaspersky provides better features such as network attack blocking and parental controls. The updates are automatic and free. The software protects from both PC and Linux based threats. The Kaspersky offers an extra layer of protection by making your online transactions making the online financial transactions safer.
The Kaspersky security software noticeably consumes system resources while actively scanning and goes unnoticed during normal Mac usage.
Cost: $60 per year

2. ESET antivirus for Mac

ESET offers supreme triple protection via Mac, PC and Linux based protection. This also helps the user in avoiding potential case of passing on the threat to another non Mac user. The package also includes anti spyware and ant phishing Sub packages making the browsing safer. The threat detection rate is 100% which is the most admirable feature of any antivirus.
The ESET features removable media control which keeps a gate to copy the data in and out of the mass storage devices.
The idle state scanning makes use of free CPU time and provide constant protection. The system resources usage does not have a benchmark report but definitely don’t consume significant resources during normal operation.
Cost: $40 per year

3. Bit defender antivirus for Mac

With a threat detection rate of 100%, bit defender ensures you that it doesn’t miss any threats unrecognized. All the computing is done on the cloud, enabling a few innovative performance tweaks. The bit defender features security against both Mac and Windows based threats. The other extra features are adware blocker, online phishing detector, continuous protection with autopilot and more.
Bit defender runs lighter and Mac will never experience lack of resources due to bit defender software.
Cost: $40 per year

4. F secure antivirus for Mac

The detection rate of threat is 100% and you can be sure with F secure. The protection is poor for PC based threats which is a major place where it falls behind other antivirus software.
The license of F secure at the below mentioned rate is for three PCs. Hence, when purchased for multiple PCs it works out to be cheaper than other antivirus listed.

The resource usage is noticeable and may give mixed feeling on your Mac. The software comes in trial version to see how the performance and resource usage will be before buying.
Cost: $40 / year

5. Symantec Norton antivirus

Norton is the leader and a leading enterprise in cyber security and protection against malwares. All the expertise is harnessed into this powerful antivirus in the Mac world by many efficient and powerful antiviruses in the Mac world by many independent agencies. With the detection rate of 100% and the trust of Norton expertise, the Mac user will always feel safer and confident

Norton is the least resource hungry software, though little costlier than other paid antivirus, Norton beats them all in terms of speed and agility.
Cost: $60 per year ($30 for first year)

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